BoldnessSpeaks Podcast

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BoldnessSpeaks (Formerly known as ‘One Talk’ Coaching Service) is an interactive Podcast which utilizes Spreaker app for Listerners & Facebook. Together these platforms bring forth an interactive and engaging experience!

Listeners will have the opportunity to listen, comment and ask questions during every LIVE Podcast.

Simply download the Spreaker App for Listeners for free. Search for the Podcast ‘BoldnessSpeaks’ & turn on notifications so that you can updates when new episodes are available!

BoldnessSpeaks brings forth the art of Spoken Word and real life experience to encourage, engage and uplift others. This Podcast is about real life experience, hosted by someone just like you!

Pen & Paper Planning*

NylaRay Optimistically Bold Writing Service Professional Writing Service Edit Court Legal Forms

 This service is used to help Clients create, complete and file various documents. We understand that writing isn’t everyone's thing and that’s ok! Let us help. 

Professional Writing is NOT a service that many people would think of outside of creating website content or book editing, but it’s much more. We help Clients find forms for completing everything from court documents to completing outlines for college scholarships. 

A Mother’s Love Non-Medical Companion Care

NylaRay Optimistically Bold Companion Care Senior Adults Living Independence Living Home Care Love

A Mother’s Love is a NON-medical Companion Care service. It was created to break the stereotypes of “home care assistance.” The purpose of this service is to provide companionship for anyone in the community. 

We offer our services to adults & seniors who can live life on their own, yet seeking assistance with heavy lifting, putting small pieces of furniture together, meal preparations and other errands and tasks. 

Our employees are equipped to provide services to disabled adults and seniors in the community as well. Just give us a call and we can answer your questions. We also have a knack for GREAT recommendations!

Companion Care isn’t just about giving independence, it’s about helping people connect with people again!